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No Sound In Cutscenes


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I have been having this issue for awhile, at least while in Win7. Where the cutscene in a game has no sound at all, but the rest of it is fine. I fixed this issue when I started using Creatives ALchmy program. I have installed a few new games since then and it does not seem to be helping.

The current issue games that aren't working is Gears Of War and Rise Of The Argonauts. Any ideas, suggestions? I have onboard sound from the 780i SLI board if that helps.


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Well another issue, well same issue.

If I try to add Gears Of War to Alchemy, gears crashes. So stuck with that. And as I said the other ones don't work either. Hmm.


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Might just be a driver issue. Stacks may be different for Win7 v/s Vista. Wait for updates before escalating :)


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I didn't have any codecs installed, though I just installed the K-lite pack, haven't tried a game yet, hopefully it did make a difference.

*edit, nothing has been fixed. I am just assuming it 7 and drivers, I am picking up a sound card soon, so that will be tested.
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Bman I was having this issue with cutscenes when playing Tom Clancy's HAWX. I moved a switch on the back on my volume box from 2/4 to 6. Also checked advanced settings in speaker properties to default bit/Hz settings.

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