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No Sound Icon in Toolbar




This one has been bugging me for weeks now, I have no sound Icon.... and before you think that i just forgot some obscure setting, believe me i have not.

I've selected the "Place Sound Icon in Taskbar" checkbox under sound properties.

I've even gone sofar as to disable the auto-hide-when-inactive property. I've even set all defaults, set every single one of them to "Always Show" and to no avail.

I've reinstalled Windows XP (Pro, i doubt that it matters) over top of itself.

I was / am almost up to my wit's end untill just recently. My GF ended up with Nimda (of which she is on my network).. so just to be safe I ran Symantec's Nimda-repair tools on both machines (I was clean).

However.. and this is the odd part: When I ran it.. it refreshes my screen (the Start-bar, Icons, Desktop.. everything except the wallpaper). When everything came back.. my Icon was back.

But, it's gone after a restart (and back if I run the tool again).

It also comes back if I uncheck the "load icon to systray" box, hit apply, check the box and then hit apply again.

Odd really.

The only thing I can think of is that somewhere, somehow.. a particular file or setting isnt being accessed, one that is accessed by the Nimda repair tool.

I consider myself a "techy", you know.. the guy that "everyone" goes to for computer help, but this one's really got me stumped.

Thoughts anyone?

btw - sorry for the length of my post, I just wanted to get everything down so as to "cut to the chase".

Thanks :)


nope, sorry.. didn't work.

That is a kewl trick tho :)

btw - no conflicts of any sort.

my soundcard is a SB512pci.

I never had this problem in Windows XP Pro RC2. :\

thanks anyway.

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