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No screen on laptop


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I've got a toshiba satellite pro and the screen is blank i think some how i've disabled it but do not know how to get it back on can any one help
On one of the function keys (F1,F2,Etc...) You will find two boxes, one shaded and the other open. Hold "fn" and press that key.

That toggles internal/ext. monitors.


EDIT: I'm guessing it's F5, but I'm not sure about the newer KBs from Toshiba...


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Actually the key is FN + F8, I believe.

Can you hook the laptop up to an external monitor, wether it be CRT/LCD, and try it that way?

Do you get the Toshiba splash screen at all - which shows the behavior before POST, or do you get anything? Is the LCD getting power, or is it completely black?
yeah, good point... you could try holding a flashlight at an angle to see if it's just the backlight that isn't on... for that you could put the brightness up by "fn"+(whatever the light ^ is).


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yep tried that no splash screen comes up not even a faint backgrond. Tried attaching a lcd monitor still nothing.Laptop is working as dvd drive is running up and you can hear the hard drive clicking. Power light is always on

Shamus MacNoob

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What model is it? How old?
Video drivers have nothing to do with the splash screen if you change video drivers and uninstall your drivers have you ever had a blank screen with no bios? I dont think so ... It sounds more like the backlight is gone or something more hardware related, what happened just before this ? Do you hear the beep of the POST meaning that the portable has completed the POWER ON SELF TEST? If not then again this is a sign that your hardware is in trouble..try to pop out the battery and the memory and then put them back in I have seen portables that wont boot and after removing the battery they have so try with no battery as well. And by battery I mean the the big rechargable one not the cmos meaning there is no need to totaly dismantel the portable in 35 pieces.


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It is a toshiba sattelitte pro A60 it is a year and 1 mth old. I was formating the hard drive when this happened as the comp was full of old software and slow etc. I have done this several times before with no problems. Tried removing battery still nothing. Thanks all for trying to help looks like its to the shop monday


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hard drive clicking? Is it a loud, distinctive clicking? Or just the normal sounds of the arm moving across the platters?

Shamus MacNoob

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Pretty sure the best thing he could do is try and contact Toshiba but I have heard some bad stories about their tech support hope our poster has better luck.


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it is a month out of warranty and i have rung them and they reminded me of that. Does not sound like a heavy clicking. Used to boot up first on a usb floppy but does not try now ??

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