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No Power


its only fun
Hi All,

I have been having a few problems over the past couple of days with BSOD's.........

These were varyig from

IRQ_NOT_EQUAL_ bla bla


and another I can't remember

I used to be able to get back in after 1/2 hour.....as if the P.C. had cooled down.....but this would only last about 10-15mins........

I haven't installed any new soft/hardware

Well now it wont even boot....no power comes on when you hit the power button.......although my mouse still lights up....and my media card writer has a green light on it all the time.......

Is this my power supply dieing?

or something else?

Thx in advance

P.S. I'm using my Wifes Laptop to post
Well.. It might be a failed fan. Some systems have a failsafe option that when it detects a fan not spinning it will powerdown. Give that a try.


its only fun
Thx for the quick reply.........but the fan was definatley running before the power went off....I run [When its runnig :( ] with the side off....
You might try resetting the BIOS if you haven't already, reseat all the wires...

Truth is, you may have a blown capacitor or something else. Might be time for a new PS


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Originally posted by Alan
Thx for the quick reply.........but the fan was definatley running before the power went off....I run [When its runnig :( ] with the side off....
Don't forget there's more than one fan - video, CPU, Power (easiest). Overheating would easily explain what you're experienceing now. You're going to have to switch and swap components in a looong process of troubleshooting as overheating/shorting could affect multiple components. Have fun.:)
It could be amny things:

Bad PCI card (sound, LAN, Modem, etc.)
Bad MB

RAM and video are probably ok.

You need to swap things out one at a time and see when it gets better. A few things you can try:

Just for grins make sure your front panel switch cable to the MB is still attached firmly.

Pull out all the plug in cards and discconnect power to the HD, CDROM etc then see if the power supply and fans start up. If they do start running turn off power and start reinstalling cards one at a time.

After that it's part swapping time (PSU, then CPU, then MB). This is why I keep a well stocked junk box.


Alan - I hope you get this sorted - but you know what happened to me one time - my puppy decided to take a nap under my desk and laid on my surge protector - ****ing the power plug for my cpu and it wouldn't turn on!

Just thought I'd add some humor since it took me almost an hour to figure it out since the lights on my surge protector were liteup all nice and pretty and my printer, monitor and scanner would turn on!

<edit> that is funny it edited c0cking - ok - how about knocking the power plug sideways and preventing it from making proper contact??? <edit>


its only fun
Ok 1st thx for the replies..much appreciated ;)

It seems [fingers x'ed]........it was my PSU...installed a new one and the PC seems to be runnig fine.....hasn't crashed for over 1 hr

Still keeping my fingers x'ed thou

Again thx

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