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No power supply plug..


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So I'm installing my radeon x700 after just getting it exchanged for the PCIe version and the directions say to plug in the 6 pin power connector.. I see the plug but then I look at my video card and theres no where to plug it in.. I look all over the card.. nope no plug.. please tell me im missing something.. I've already went through crap trying to exchange my agp for pcie..

Shouldn't it be right there????


The X700 should not require an extra plug. Especially the PCI-e. PCI-e provides more power through the MB connector than AGP.

My X800XL does not have an extra power connector either.

And don't worry about trying it without the extra power connector. The newer cards will put up a screen during boot that tells you you forgot to plug in the power connector. They won't start loading windows until you shutdown and conenct any needed power plugs. Nice feature my 9800 PRO does it.

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It can also be that the manufacturers don't care to write a seperate file for each version of their card, but woudl rather make a simple generic "one size fits all" form of documentation.

Generally speaking, if the card doesn't have a plug for it, don't worry about it. Now, if the card had it, but the PSU didn't have the necessary cable to plug into the card, that on the other hand could be a problem.

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