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13 May 2002
Hi all

I Dont know why byt for some reason most pictures arnt loading on most webistes, i get the damn Red Cross thingm i have Broadband so its not a connection thing so what else can it be? i have the latest Java as well btw in case its that.

Please Help




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I have Norton Firewall 2003 with Adblockers on but i tried turnin them off still got same prob.
I used to get this problem often with IE. I eventually switched to Mozilla Firebird (Firefox now), and I never have the problem now. That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's my recommendation for a great alternative.
I dont really wanna swap Browser as i mainly use MSN 9 Explorer along with IE occasionally, i have Firefox as well but dont think to much of it really.
Hi, i had the same problem regarding the red cross instead of pictures in IE.
I found out that it is to do with your security settings. When set to medium it will display red cross, but when you change the setting to low it displays the pictures.
The only problem with this is your security is not very good.
I leave my security level at medium and put up with the red cross problem as most pictures are displayed ok it only seems to be a few that display the red cross and it also depends on the website you visit.
If i want to display the picture instead of the red cross on certain sites, i just change the security level and the change it back again when i have finished.

It is up to you what security level you want.
medium = red cross
low = picture

Hope this helps.
I can put up with the no pics on the sites but wen i goto play games on msn 6.1 i get red the cross or Action Canceled?

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