No patches due in March from Microsoft


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According to the March 2005 Microsoft Security Response Center Bulletin sent out today, there will be no updates released on March 8, the “Patch Tuesday” for this month. Following last month’s epic release of a dozen patches, this will undoubtedly be welcome news to system administrators as well as end users.

Just a heads up. :)


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well... they DID Just lose one of their key Windows Architect's. looks like Windows is gonna suck even more. :( MS is turning into Valve. can hardly ever get something working right without screwing something else up.


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ElementalDragon said:
well... they DID Just lose one of their key Windows Architect's. looks like Windows is gonna suck even more.
And how does that have anything to do with patches? :s

Besides, people come and go. It's not really a big deal. Lucovsky left, but Microsoft still has Dave Cutler, who is just as well-respected and recognized for his huge contributions to the NT kernel. In fact, from what I've seen and read, most people recognize Cutler as the man behind NT. The point is, there are lots of brilliant minds that are collectively responsible for successful products. Losing one doesn't mean the end of the world. :)


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I'm not trying to be a Troll but 4 days into the month is to soon to declare no patches for the month IMO. Sure there won't be any for "patch day" this month but that doesn't mean an exploit won't be found that needs patching before the end of the month. :tired:


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Xie, they obviously can't predict the future.

Patches for any flaws discovered during the previous month are released on "patch Tuesday" of the current month, with exceptions made for highly critical issues. Since no issues were brought up in February, there will be no patches issued next Tuesday. And unless it's a very critical issue that needs immediate attention, there won't be any other patches until the second Tuesday of April. That's all there is to it.


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Maybe they should take this time to finally patch some of the months-to-years old known vulnerabilities.