no page file error



how do you reconfigure the page file
basically every time i try to log on to the pc the system halts at the log on screen
if i ctrl+alt+del the pc boots onto windows
but then i get the error message that windows has set up a temporary page file as there has been a problem configuring the initial page file.
no matter how many times i set a page file either custom or windows managed i get the same system halt and have to use ctrl+alt+del to get onto windows i have checked the registry and the page file shows the amount i have set for the page file but the error message continues
does any one know a way how to recofig the page file
i have even run xp through the system again but to no avail

the only other solution is to format but i am trying to aviod this yet again

xp1800 /win xp pro
1) If you have multiple drives or partitions, try moving the paging file to a different location just to rule out bad sectors on the disk. Do run a thorough diskcheck before doing anything.

2) If you don't mind me asking, how much ram do you have, how much free space do you have on the page file partition, and how large are you setting the page file for?

3) Is this something that's been occurring since xp was installed or was everything working fine for a while? If the latter, what changes did you make just prior to the problems? Did you try reverting to an older registry / restore point?

I suspect that the problem will not be solved with the above answers and there were problems with your installation. If that's the case you might try an install with the repair option before going to a wipe out.
Taking Allan's response one step further.

If you have enough RAM, try disabling the page file. When you reboot. Go to the root of C: and delete pagefile.sys.

Re-enable the pagefile and reboot. This will create a new file and may solve your problem.
Rob - he's already tried that - it's on another post. I looks like he posted in two forums.
xp 1600@ 150mhzfsb=1570mhz
maxtor60gig @7200
hynix256meg2100 ddr
i have deleted the pagefile.sys.done scandisk then rebooted but the system halts at the logon screen until i ctrl+alt+del
i then get the error message that windows has set up a temporary page file as there was a problem configuring the page file at start up
i doesnt matter what size i set the page file at it doesnt work

even if i let windows manage it
it always says there is 0 meg allocated
now the page file .sys has dissapeared also????????????
If you'd like to answer the questions I asked we may be able to come up with something. Otherwise, you might as well just reload.
How much RAM? Recommended pagefile is 1½ times the amount of RAM.

Have you defragged your drive? Fragmented pagefiles perform poorly.

Have you looked in Event Viewer for any error messages? This could give you a clue.
Hey dealer - we found a temporary home. There's at least one moderator who's sharp here, but there is quite a difference between the two sites, no question. Still, they seem to take things seriously - jump in.
you know me...I'm just learning...BUT ANYONE WHO SEES THIS...Allan and Relder and Open_Source are the MOST knowledgeable people, if they say it, it will probably work, take advantage
the problem only started yesterday and for no apparent reason i have not installed any new programs etc
i have run thorough checks on the drive with no problems
i cant defrag because its says i havent got enough memory

i dont have any other partitions set on the drive
there is roughly 28 gig left available on the drive
i have set page file to 1 1/2 times the amount of ram i have
this is what it was set at when the problem started
every time i go to the pagefile.sys it registers as o o
and the temp page file is always enabled

thanks for all the replies and help you guys are givin
i know its frustrating for me
so its probably worse for you:confused:
sorry i forgot to add that ive been running xp for around 3months or so without problems(except the odd driver or so) i dont really fancy trying to back up 30 gig of files what should be the values for the other memory managment strings
Jona - If this only just started after 3 months of normal opreation, something changed. If you did not make any changes immediately before the problem arose, and if there weren't any other anomalous incidents (abnormal termination of the OS, etc) the most likely suspects are:

1) Problems with the hard disk - you say you ran a thorough check, so that rules this out

2) A virus of some sort. If you have a good Anti-Virus, run a full system scan.

3) A gobblin. Yeah welll, you know what I mean. Every once in a while something happens for no apparent reason and there's just no way to figure it out. In this case you should try to reinstall XP with the REPAIR option. If that doesn't work - you are probably only left with a fresh install - sorry.
a wish it was as easy as it seemed to be
cheers for the help any way

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