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No! Not again! Help needed very badly!

Just happened a few minutes ago; if I try to print something, and I press print, a little printer icon appears in my task bar, which is good, meaning it will soon print...then it...vanishes. My printer is properly installed and everything. Any ideas on what is wrong and how I may fix it? There is something I really badly need to print today, to mail to someone, and this isn't the kind of file I can give to one of my friends to print, and my girlfriend is out of town today, and won't be back untill tommorow, so right now, I am really really screwed. Please Help.


MUCH more information than we need....at least about the non-tech stuff.

Does the printer have its own drivers? If so, what happens if you run a print test from the utility that comes with it?

Does this happen from every program?

It sounds as though XP thinks the file has been sent to the printer. Forgive a stupid question, but is there paper in the printer? Is it online? Does the printer have a method of printing a test page from its control panel?

Okay, let's start with the above.


go to Start > Printers and Faxes.
Do you have more printers installed, possible installed by other software? Perhaps a 'Print to File / PDF' or some sort of fax printer or attachment rendering printer. Which one is set as the default printer? It will have a little 'check mark' with its printer icon. To set a printer as the default printer, right click it and select 'set as default printer.'

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar


Hi if there is more then one using the pc,not known who set what? etc, best bet is to uninstall all print s/w and reinstall.
best of luck

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