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No Internet!

Most of the time I have no internet but I can get online to play games; I'm on a router...and haven't had trouble like this ever...

MSN Messenger won't even sign on anymore; I have no clue whats going on... I don't have the XP Firewall enabled...

If anyone comes up with a solution I probably won't find out for a while; Most of the time I can't pull up web pages.... and restarting rarely gives me the opportunity to browse the net...

This really does suck! :'(
System restore only removes software; my system couldn't access the internet since I re-installed; I'm hoping it's b/c of the way the RJ45's are wired... Never seen this happen before... :'(


ok maybe...

one of my pc's was working fine on the internet but couldn't connect to a game server. it wasn't any of the software, just some connection problem. i ran a restore and it worked.
probably something in the registry.

yer mate, go out and get a new cable, or borrow one. check it out.

have you called your internet provider?

g's mate, i can feel your pain. i don't know how i could stand no internet! awww :(
It's only the web that doesn't work most of the time; thank god I can still play games online, and even Gamespy Arcade works...

I play games like Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast 2, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Diablo 2...

I haven't restarted my computer yet since my last post, Thats how I'm getting on now... I cannot restore b/c this is the way it has been since I last installed which wasn't too long ago fixing a problem with my computer not being able to ping the router or trace the wanip.

I don't think this is software, This has to be wiring... but how is that possiblE!


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It cant be the wiring. In your case, you can play games but not access web sites? Is this correct? If this is the case then its not the wiring and its most likely a DNS issue. You either dont have your router setup properly or your ISP is having a serious problem. Post back with what type of router you have and who your ISP is. Thanks.




Yes, if someone else you know has the same ISP but isn't having the same problem, then have them go to Run...CMD...type 'ipconfig/all' and see if they get the same DNS as your router has.


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Ok, now we're talking, do you know if your ISP is on DHCP or if you are statically assigned an IP? In either case, lets try to reconfigure your router using the wizard that comes with the router.

1) Go to to access your router
2) Type in the name and password(defaults are admin and 1234)
3) Once you are in the router click on "WIZARD SETUP"
4) Just hit "NEXT" through all the windows(this will work most of the time)
5) Make sure the computer that is not working properly is set to use DHCP and reboot it.

Let us know,

Sorry for dumbing it down so much, I didnt see the picture before I posted and thought it would be helpful to list it step by step. Also, another thing you could try is connecting the computer directly to the cable/DSL modem to insure that it isnt your ISP or your Computer.


do you have dsl? i remember reading something about xp killing dsl connections... due to the MTU automatically set to 1500.. you have to change it to 1492 i believe... but this is only for dsl..
I'd like to point out that I am the only 1 having problems accessing the internet daily (web) There are 3 computers total on the network: : Router : Downstairs Office : "Me" : Upstairs Office

I had to re-install Windows XP because I couldn't get anyone on my FTP; Now it all works fine except for the Web.
Is there a way to un-install and re-install Windows Messenger its completely useless right now


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I am not really sure what your problem could be. Since your other computers arent having any trouble, then its not DNS or the router. When you arent able to browse the web, open up a command prompt and do a traceroute and ping google.com, let us know the results =)

As far as MSN Messenger, search the forums or check out some of the guides here, its been covered before, I know it involves editing a system file in order to "unhide" it from add/remove programs.

Ya I've seen that unhide edit to make it viewable in Add/Remove Programs, but it didn't work- for some reason it didn't un-install it completely if I remember correctly.

About tracing the wanip and pinging google.com when I dont have the web- next time I restart and dont have the web I'll try it so wait for my future post :)

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