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No ID in game!


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I think this funny. You see, I worked at a Babbages for about 3 years. Even during the whole Grand Theft Auto 3 thing, this is how it went with parents, no lie.

Johnny walks in and wants to buy GTA3. He says, "I would like GTA3 please!", and throws a fifty dollar bill on the counter(which isnt enough by the way).

I proceed to ask Johnny how old he is and to my astonishment, he replies, "Eleven". "Well, Johnny, you arent old enough to purchase this game, come back with mom."

Johnny gets all pissy then leaves and returns with mom after some ice cream at the food court.

Mom says, "Little Johnny would like to purchase GTA3 please." So I would then proceed to inform the woman of how bloody, gory, nasty, violent, and all the drugs and all that stuff in GTA3. Then mom would say, "Thats great, can we have the game now so we can go home, please!!!"

And folks, thats a nice customer. Most people get pissed that you try to tell them what to buy and all that shit. In my opinion if you are 8 years old and have 53(52.99 after tax for most) bucks to spend on a game, then isnt it more important where your funds are coming from? I mean really? I have had kids no older than 8 or 9 pay with 100 DOLLAR BILLS!!! And adding to the issue of money, here in Florida, you can drive and work at age 16. If you can drive and work, you should be able to buy whatever the hell you want, games, pornos, sex toys. I have never really disagreed so strongly about something that the government has done, but this is crap.

Now, I am pissed and I always get pissed when this subject comes up because its so stupid and its all irrelevant with violent games anyway. I am old enough to buy these games, but its the principle that really just ticks me off!!!




OSNN Sexual Deviant
If they want to make it a federal offense, why not go after the PARENTS, that is who is responsible for the children. Like I said in my original post, parents are just going to buy it anyway, god this pisses me off.

I agree Pete, this is just a bunch of scared bureacrats who havent had any fun for 20 years trying to make sure no one has fun for the first 20 years of their lives.

Hello USA bedrock principal is Freedom of speech I think this falls under that somehow, freedom to have fun, freedom to purchase what you wish. I understand that they want to restrict things like pornographic material, and alcohol, but either way kids will find a way round it. They always do.


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well alot of the young-uns out here are not very interested in someone who is not home most of the day telling them how to go about and buy stuff...

parents don't really care, and thats the issue I agree... personally I think that the electronic stores should be allowed to card the young-uns just like they are carded for cigs or drinks... it sounds stupid, I know.. but its about regulation... there is no point in having age limits or recommendations on boxes if they are not followed...

I have no problems with the kids ability to handle the games IF they are guided properly by their parents.. which they are not most of the time since they are too busy for it all..



just a few cents here...

If Johnny can't buy the game at Walmart or wherever, most kids now know how to DOWNLOAD games for nothing anyway. Kazaa and IRC are perfect examples of places the software industry is losing $$$... This ID thing will just give more ammo for the kids to do it.

it's not gonna stop anything but sales.

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