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Hi I have a problem with XP Home. Right throughout Windows be it Add/remove, Search for driver, any progam that offers file/ open screen I am presented with the Lookin box and am only offered MY computer, Desktop, My docs. But no drives or even My computer to locate a drive to locate a file etc. Even the old Run box Browse/lookin shows no drives. This has always worked in the past, and even with a repair install still No Go. Any ideas?


Sorry made a mistake in last post I said My computer was showing should have been My recent etc. NO My computer!


Hmm, does your user account have the proper privileges? (It should by default.) One way you could access your harddrive is by going Start -> Run and typing in C: and hitting ok. I know this doesn't really fix your problem, but at least you should be able to access your files.


Generally I can overcome the location of the files one way or another. But it's a bit of a pain in the you know where to do this.There must be, but dammed if I know where to edit the registry to tell the MS requesters to show the disks . Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


At work atm so I can't check, but I beleive Xteq's X-Setup can set the "Places" on the left side of the Look in dialog box to whatever you want. I know this doesn't solve the problem of whaqt *should* be showing up, but this might be a good fix anyway.


Dirk Diggler

I know XP has a problem with finding drives/partitions if there isn't a C: drive. Sometimes for whatever reason XP renames the C: drive during installation. When this happens XP throws a benny, I'm sure XP Guru had a similar problem with his drive icons going missing.
Other than trying my tweak from over yonder or doing as Johnny says I can't really help.


Hi Dirk,Thanks for the replies. After looking deeper into the problem I have found another clue to the disappearing drives and that is that in c:\windows there are 2 explorers as per usual the first with no extension which I assume is the explore from here one and wmen you click on it it shows a two pane window as per norm with c:\ as the root. BUT when you click on explore.exe Guess what.......................I am given a window with ..........You guessed it Desktop , My documents , recycle bin. with the root My documents. Eeeeyah, now does this mean that explorer.exe is
nbg or the registry entry for it is wrong?

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