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No Directx Vsync in Vista (ever??)


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Hi guys,

I just reinstalled Morrowind for the first time in ages and tried playing it, only to find a fair bit of 'screen tearing' as if Vsync wasn't enabled. Anyway, I looked at my drivers, tweaked them, reinstalled them, tried older drivers and even the new beta ones yet nothing would enable Vsync.

I then noticed a bit of text on my graphics card's control panel:

"Due to architectural changes in the new Windows Vista Window Display Driver Model (WDDM), the graphics driver can no longer disable vsync from its own driver or Control Panel. Selecting this option from the NVIDIA Control Panel will have no affect on DirectX applications. For applications that use Direct3D on Vista, use the vertical sync setting within the application. We are adjusting the help text in the NVIDIA Control Panel to make this clearer to our customers."

This is also on the NVIDIA website.

So is that it then? Will I NEVER be able to enable vsync in older directx games which don't allow for vsync within the options? I've looked through Morrowind's registry settings and see nothing for vsync :(

I'm a bit peaved at this to be honest. What are MS thinking? :dead:

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this?

EDIT: Actually I have just tried the latest 162.15s and they seem to help with the tearing a bit - though still don't seem to have fixed the problem completely.

EDIT 2: The 162.15s have created unprecedented instability on my computer, so they're in the trash! Back to the latest finals...

EDIT 3: AHhhhhhsgdhgfgfghkfgk!!!! I got Morrowind sorted at least!! There's a utility that allows you to configure all the video settings you like - get it from Planet Elder Scrolls :)
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I hope in future DX revisions that MS will change that. Thanks for the info about MGE! I might dust off Morrowind again.

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