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No-Cd Sims 2


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Before i even post let me say "yes i own the game it is my original from the store"

The reason i want one is because the game keeps on spinning up all the time, and quite frankly it annoys me to keep on changing disks between different games.

Ok with that out of the way, does anyone know if there is a No-CD .exe out there that actually works for this game, everyone i look at says it broken and that the builder mode doesn't work if you use a nocd .exe.

Admittedly i haven't even tried to use any of them, just didn't want to waste my time downloading them all and finding out.

I don't really want to mount it or do anything fancy.... but if there are no nocd's out there that do work, then could someone talk me through mounting it.



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We can't talk about no-cd stuff on here.

If you want to mount it I think all you'd have to do is extract the ISO from the CD using IsoBuster.

Then download Daemon Tools to mount the ISO.

Very simple.


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Sims 2 does not show up on the game database for Daemon, so this might not work, as an alternative Alcohol %120 should gibve you the option to mount the image also.


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Daemon Tools will make a "virtual cd-rom drive" on your computer. It's only a special driver that daemon tools uses to trick windows into thinking you've installed another cd-rom drive.

When I mean "mount" I mean Daemon Tools will simply load the ISO. This is comparable to you inserting the Sims 2 cd into your cd tray every time.

So in effect you're making a copy of the Sims 2 cd on your hard drive that you'll run through a software based cd-rom drive.


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ok so i make an iso of cd 1 and then use daemon tools or whatever to mount in, thereby virtually inserting the disk? is this about rght?


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That is correct, your game play will actually improve becuase the game now has direct access to the ram and does not go through the optical drive.

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