no cd-rom on laptop, how do I..?

I have a problem guys. My uncle just got a used VAIO superslim laptop that didnt come with any type of cd or floppy drive. How would I go about formatting it and re-installing windows (cause win 98 in there has soooo many errors)? I want to put windows 2000 in it for stability but i HEARD THAT IF i USE A usb EXTERNAL cd ROM, i WON'T BE ABLE TO INSTALL WINDOWS ONCE THE DISK IS FORMATTED. pLEASE HELP, THANKS (sorry for caps)


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You'd be correct about the inability to use a USB CD-ROM drive without an operating system on the hard disk.
I would have thought the windows 98 cabnet files would be stored on the hard disk somewhere if there was no CD drive installed.


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What I would do is plug the drive in and copy the Windows cd onto the harddisk. Return to windows 98 and run the setup files that were copied from the cd-rom to install windows 2000. Setup should ask if you would like to dual boot, which you should agree to.
Once windows 2000 is up and running you can change the boot options so that it only boots windows 2000 and delete the windows 98 files. Selecting Dual Boot should stop windows 2000 from picking up all the 98 problems.

I'm not 100% certain about this course of action, but I'm sure one of the other guys will help out a bit more.:p


I think u can take out disk from laptop and copy instalation to it on normal PC (u need a 3,5to2,5inch adaptor).
Is hard to say if non sony usb device would work on vaio without OS... :confused:
i've use this type of adaptor before but just to take info out of a deal laptop, never to install an OS...might work. I think rush has a good idea to just install them as a dual boot then uninstall the 98...this wouldnt format the drive tho.


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Originally posted by Bootsy
this wouldnt format the drive tho.
To do that you would need a bootable floppy as well as the cd-rom. I don't think there would be any need to format the drive, the problems are in windows 98. Windows 2000 should be fine.


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it should have a boot priority menu in the bios. and if it's a somewhat recent laptop, it should have a usb option for booting... in which case, you should be able to use the cdrom drive with no problems.

otherwise, try to get your hands on a pcmcia cdrom drive. that'll work.


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This is a LOT of work... but this is a working solution.

Set up a Windows 2000 Server.
Configure it with all of the RIS components.
Create a standard image.
Boot the laptop to the network. (options in BIOS)
Log into the RIS server and install the OS.

Of course, this requires a PC to install Windows 2000 server on as well as a home network. If you have more questions about THIS option please let me know.
I would do that, but the damn thing doesnt even have a network plug...and i dont have a USB->ethernet converter at my disposal at this time...oh well, we'll see

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