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No Bios off for on board Intel Graphics


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I'm fixing a pc for someone and i'm putting in an old Vanta m64 pci card (the pc has no agp), but there is no option in the bios of switches on the m/board to turn the onboard v/card off.

So i just installed the vanta anyway and plug the monitor into it, it shows the winxp loading screen, but when it finishes and goes to load the desktop the screen is just black.

Any suggestions?

American Zombie

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What model board are we talking about?

If there is not an option in the bios to disable the onboard video then it may have a jumper cap that disables it.

Funny post considering your advise in another post not to uninstall video drivers before adding a new card...

1). Many on board video setups no longer require you to turn it off. It auto detects an add in video card.

2). You must uninstall old video drivers and set the screen back to VGA resolution or less before installing a new video card. It says so in all the install instructions for video cards.

Shamus MacNoob

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LOL yeah maybe you need to uninstall the old drivers in this case but thats just a wild guess.

And most machines will just kick over to the add in card but some wont I give you an example I needed to go into the device manager and disable the chipset for the video in one case before rebooting and then adding the new card, The on board card was on an ali chipset and was in an older IBM machine but If I did not disable the video chipset in device manager it would not work right.

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