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no 250g support for XP Pro?

after plugging in my 250gig western digital XP gave me a little pop-up saying it did not support it. i only get 186gigs and 46.6gigs (obviously 2 partitions) giving me a total of 232.6gigs. i edited the recycling bin to NOT give it room (instant delete), and i also took off the system restore on it those 2 drives.

nothing has helped so far. any ideas?

i did search for this, and i also found that Maxtor drives need something called "Big Disk" software, but that was in the XP stone ages around the SP1 update. could it be true that XP SP2 needs this type of fix? my specs are below, i keep the bios up-to-date even though its been over 2 years with no update.


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I have an external USB2.0 IOMEGA 250gig HD. I'm running XP Pro and see the drive in one partition just fine. It shows 232gigs total which by my calculations is correct.
In binary 1 Gigabyte = 2^30 bytes = 1073741824 bytes.

That make sense?

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My Maxtor Internal 250G only shows at 233G one partition. I also have three Internal 200G drives in two different systems that only list at 189G so yup I guess thats just how it is.

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