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(nix) File Systems ¿ ?


I may actually be insane.
Which file systems do you recommend for *nix operating systems ?

Mostly Linux distributions seem to default to ext2, or more recently ext3, yet when i read articles dotted around the web it seems that users recomend file sytems such as XFS or Reiser.

Personaly i've only ever used:
ext2 (Mandrake + Redhat + Slackware)
ext3 (Mandrake)

So do others file systems such as XFS actually provide any real optimisations or improvements over the standardised ext2/3 ? ¿ ?


I may actually be insane.
I think im gonna find thats all that most people have used with it being the pre-set default in most distributions.
I definately recommend ext3 over ext2. Some people don't want to use ext3 since it's not "standard" yet, but I disagree. ext3 is Journalizing, like NTFS. This means, in short, that if you crash or reboot without shutting down, you won't have to run a long disk checking routine before starting. Very nice if you're new to Linux and are prone to f*ck things up. ;)

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