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I have a geforce2/mx/mx400 i updated the drivers from the nividia site from a clean install of windows xp driver version was 23.11 my machine now when it boots keeps telling me it has recovered from a serious error.
And at times reboots returning with the message windows was shut down incorrectly due to a incorrect screen draw caused by the drivers for geforce mx/mx400.
Any suggestions as i can be playing a game and the machine will reset it self.
roll 'er back!

First I would roll back the driver to the original XP driver (you said you did a clean install of XP, right?).

To do this, open Display Properties from Control Panel or the desktop, then click the Settings tab, then the Advanced button, then the Adaptor tab, then the Properties button, then the Driver tab.

That should at least get you stable.

Now, your problem is a VERY common one.

There have been long threads in these forums about it, and even longer threads I have seen on other sites. There is great debate, but it is likely that it is a problem with XP as it relates to the hardware, as it seems to happen across different Mobos, Video cards, etc.
The majority of posts I have seen involve the drivers you installed, the 23.11, which are supposedly WHQL. I have seen many of these people solve their problems with newer drivers, even though they are beta. Try the 27.00 series, (I wouldn't recommend the 27.30 as it is just a little too new).
If these are the same or worse for you, use the same process I described above to roll the driver back, then do a search for threads about this in these forums, and on Google as well. I personally found that the site with the most info about this was in their forums there are huge threads about it.

Write back if you need more help.
I had the same problem...Updated to the 27.10's and it doesn't crash as much.

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