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NIS 2007 won't accpet trusted IP address


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I have a laptop running WinXP and NIS 2007. I also have a network capable Brother multi-function copier (MFC) used wirelessly. I entered the IP address of the MFC into Norton Personal Firewall in the trusted zone and all is working well.

The other day, I received my new Dell Inspiron and loaded NIS 2007 and have it all up and running. However, when I add the IP address for the MFC in the trusted zone and click "Add" then "Ok", all appears to work. But Norton doesn't keep that information, it's like I never entered it. Shutting down, rebooting, etc doesn't work. And there's no error messages. When I disable the firewall temporarily, I can print, so I know it's b/c I can't Norton to keep the information.

Couple things. When I first started the laptop up, I created two user accounts. I think both are admin accounts. Would that affect this peculiar behavior? Does having both laptops running at the same time and entering the same IP address into Norton have an effect?

Any advice would be great,

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