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Nip/Tuck anyone?


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How about last nights Episode??

I was like: OMFG...
what happened to you normally happened to me, what happened at the end??


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great show indeed, although I haven't really watched it since season 1, as I am never home when it's on :(


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I need a lot of things, first being to start my FT job which is on Jan 2nd so I can actually have some l00t


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Wow. What a show.


Julia finds her mother, who happens to be dead, and spills her guts. Kisses her on the forehead and starts to walk away. Then the person on the table starts gasping for air. Julia walks back to the table and puts a pillow over her face until the gasping stops.

Julia goes out and finds Sean and they have a heart to heart.

Julia goes back to the spa and fires Quinton.

Julia goes home and finds her Mother waiting for her. The show ends.
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Drama. It's about two plastic surgeons in a partnership. The show is about their lives, struggles, and so on.

One is married (but currently separated). His wife now runs a spa.

The other is a sex addict. He was engaged but his wife left him on the alter. She was later seen being hacked up by “The Carver”. So it is believed she was kidnapped. "The Carver" happens to be a serial killer that mutilates people who have plastic surgery (or so it appears that is who he attacks).

Although the show jumps from one story to another and back again every few episodes it defiantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Next to L&O it is my next favorite show.

A lot of surgery, a lot of sex, a lot of drama.


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Seasons 1 and 2 are on DVD (this is season 3).

I saw season 1 for $19.99 at Wal-Mart, I wish I bought it for my collection.


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no one is gona comment on the carver site? come one hehe.

and yah madmatt that last show was messed up i just cant belive how sadistic julian is becoming after kimber left.


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It's cool. I looked this morning before work. I don't want future shows to be spoiled by speculation though.


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Out of the three shows I watch, L&O (all of them), Monk, and Nip\Tuck I can honestly say I look forward to Nip\Tuck the most lately. It's keeping me on the edge of my seat.

The only thing I don't like is they jump around. Two episodes some thing big happened then last week nothing was mentioned about it. Now they go back to it in next week's episode.

Last week some thing else happened and they made no mention of it this week.

We'll see.


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The jumping around happens on a lot of shows though, deal with it :lick:

That is what makes the most of it so good.

I'm psyched because I really only got halfway through Season 1, haven't seen any of Season 2 and 3.

*asks for Tivo for Christmas*

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