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Nintendo Wii Set for November 19th Launch, $250 Price Tag


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Nintendo has announced release dates and launch prices for the Wii console, and it looks like the Americas will get it before the Japanese home market does. In Japan, the Wii will be available on December 2 for the princely sum of ¥25,000 (about $215), while North and South America will see a November 19 launch and a $250 initial price point.

It's not an apples-to-apples comparison between the two continents, as the Japanese version will lack the bundle of sports games that ship in the American package. The five titles included are Wii Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Baseball, and Bowling, all fairly obvious candidates for swinging the wand around your living room. Other than that, the two launches will feature the same assortment of hardware, including one newfangled wand controller and one nunchuck attachment.


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I'm passing.

If I ever get one of these I'll get a XBOX 360 but I don't hardly have time for playing them atm so I haven't as of yet.

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