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Nintendo DS

Any one else have one of these. I got mine the other day and i like it alot. Played against a friend of mine wirelessly. Any one else have an opinion?
So far, what I've been reading looks pretty sweet. I thought at first that the PSP was going to blow it out of the water, but then I found it it would be compatible with the GBA, plus that touch screen is like having a mouse, making it the ultimate portable system for first person shooters.

I'll probably end up buying whichever system gets the best modchips and emulators, because I love my portable system to do more than just play games.


I just bought one of the slimmer PS2's since my old one was going out. Just waiting on the PSP now. A friend of mine has a Nintendo DS and from what I can see, it's nice.
Well if you get some others in your class to get one you can chat with it or play some games against each other. The wireless feature works pretty good and that chat works well also. It's ten times better than passing notes like I had to when i was in school.
yeah DS is pretty cool but i bet i wouldn't play it more than once a year so thats why im choosing not to get it. don't get me wrong , its an amazing device but i have to budget my money now for necesities ::sigh::


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The DS and the PSP are not compatible with each other. And for those who want a PSP, good luck. Sony is short shelving the PSP, so there won't be many out there when they are released. Both systems look good, but the DS has more functionality when you don't have game in it. What will really decide, is the game availability, on either system and the selection.
Well the DS is already out and are still on the shelves. The PSP won't be out for a couple months, so you have plenty of time to be playing the DS and be able to save up enough money for the PSP.


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i wouldnt get both a DS and PSP...i just dont have it in me to have 2 handhelds, or the money for that matter. i already have enough gadgets to carry as it is :p
i got my DS on launch day, and it is damn fun...Mario 64 DS multiplayer is pretty fun. i tested it with my gf and it works really well. i cant wait to see what Nintendo & Warp Pipe Technologies have cooking with the whole Demasked project

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