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Nigerian e-mail scam..Yet another one.



Ohh yes I think the majority of us have received a few of these, this is my first e-mail received one, I did get one as a chat message in yahoo about 4 moths ago.

I wanted to share my first with you bunch of geeks.:confused:

sonniataylor@yahoo.com <sonniataylor@yahoo.com>

Dear sir,

You might be surprised to receive this email from me since you do not know me personally.

My name is Miss Sonnia Charles Taylor. I am the daughter of the former President of Liberia who is currently in exile in Nigeria.

Since last year we came into exile in Nigeria, my family has not been allowed to travel out of Nigeria or make international phone calls. At the moment, the United States Government and some influential politicians in Africa are working towards to drag my father to face war crimes in war court and if this should happen, my father maybe jailed for life and all my family wealths here in Africa and abroad will be confiscated.

My father sensing danger ahead has instructed me to look for a trusted foreign companies, enterprise or individuals who will assist us to receive US$18.5Million which he deposited in a security firm. My father is willing to give 20% commission to any company or individual who will assist us to receive this funds and safe it untill we have a chance to travel out of Nigeria.

My dear, are you prepared to assist us and to receive the funds into your bank account for safe-keeping? My father is ready to compensate you with 20% of the money as well as balance you all expenses you may incure in the process of giving us this assistance.

If you are honest and willing to give this help to us, please write back to me immediately.
Thanks and best regards.

Miss Sonnia Charles Taylor
(Daugther of the ousted former President of Liberia.)


My comments, don't call me sir you beeeech and my gawd, here's my bank details, 999 999 999 999. I hope the old Bill lock him up. He actually sent it from Germany, also a girl with the middle name ''Charles'', yep that's what made me feel it must be a scam. :eek:


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
Political User
Unbelieveable! The funny thing is my boss got one of those through the FAX
from the same guy :p telling him that he can get a piece of like a billion dollars
worth of diamonds that were neverclaimed in africa :D

the most funny thing about it is that "Miss Sonnia Charles Taylor"
was "Mr. Charles taylor"

and to think that people fall for this crap


Beware the G-Man
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I recieved one of these by snail mail once a few years ago, my boss got one as an e-mail 'bout 4 months back. He actually call it in (to the authorities).

Like they will find out who the f00k it is. :mad: :D


Beware the G-Man
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I had a d00d come up to me as I had left my bank one day 'bout 8 months ago, sayin he was a tourist and was leaving the US to go back to his country (he looked and talked kinda like a soviet person or from that reigon). He had a bunch of merchandise that he was trying to get rid of, his excuse was the duty tax and shiit. I was lookin at the stuff and it was mostly if not all cheap crap and he was tryin to pass it as good stuff. I looked at him and said no and he kept on tryin to sell me on all his shiit. I finally said I don't have any money and I could not afford any of it even if I had any money. He got a little flustered, I think it was because I strung him along just to hear his sales pitch. :D

Wasted 'bout 15 mins. of his precious time that he could have used to hook some nitwit. :p


High On Life!
i dont undrestand why do people make them they piss me off gay peeps! plz forward this email or hotmail will close ur email account, plz send this around and bill gates will send us .05 dollars for every email tracked to save out dieng daughter GOD DAMN STOP!


Beware the G-Man
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Dubbin1 said:
In another forum that I use, someone started this same kind of crap in the classified section.

WTF!!! :eek: You serious??? Daaaaamn.

So what did the forum Admins do? They had the person's IP address, yes?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
At my former job, we did receive this story by fax, incredible enough... I wonder if only one country wasn't plagued by it also...


Yahoo have decided from my e-mail and evidence to remove the account, (it's still there but user cannot access it).

They also from the tone of the e-mail will be persuing a criminal investigation, ip of account holder, traced to isp, etc...

I hope that no-one else receives these kind of mail messages from (I promised I won't swear) the ''lamer(s)'', involved. :rolleyes:


Andy Peters I think is whoops, blah blah blah, maybe he likes you :p

Maybe you and him can take a windy walk.


Spit the dog been auctioned off btw. I loved him when he was on T.I.S.W.A.S. (today is Saturday wear a smile), Sally (cor what a babe) James, Lenny Henry and Chris Tarrant.

They don't make kids tv like that no-more. EP aint old enough to remember it.
If you're 27 and older I guess you would.

You kids haven't a clue about great kids TV. No violence just plenty of buckets of slime, great competitions and everyone had a great time, it's all violence and paedophilia now :(

Evil Marge

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yeah Saturday was Tiswas
Never-again to miss cos'
Saturday was Tiswas day. :p
Sally James now runs her own School uniform business :D

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