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I have a pc that i was given to give to someone else. it is loaded with nicotine tar inside and out. What is the Best way to clean this pc? what do i use to cut the nicotine tar? something like simple green? greased lightning?


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That's tar not nicotine. Alcohol might not work. If not, try ammonia or as a last resort orange oil. If they don't work you are into a petroleum solvent which will likely attack any plastic.

Using the ammonia or orange oil on circuit cards is a bad idea it might attack some of the parts so avoid that.


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well simple green did the trick somewhat but this stuff called tsp did wonders for getting the stain out. however, the odor is still there. dunno if there is anything i can do about that. i fear it's made it's way into the plastic. i'mthinking of breaking the case down and soaking the plastic componets in this tsp in hope of removing the odor. this pc was supposed to go to a friend but i fear with her being a non smoker, she can't use it because of the smell.


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broke everything down, cleaned it all out. barely smells next is cpu and memory upgrade and off it goes to it's new home. i love saving computers from landfills.

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