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nice yummy cellies


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PSX > all

and im not talking the original playstation, im talking the PSX, as shown below :D
its rather sexy. The whole PS2 experience in a nicer box with a billion output ports and a DVD+/-R. Not getting an official UK release afaik. shame really.

my sony j70 mobile sucks, but it does what i need it to. in fact i am a walking advert for sony, i have the j70, an MD90 minidisc player and a PEG-SL10 PDA ;)


Do any of those SE's in the pics run SymbianOS? I wouldn't ever go back to anything other than a smartphone running Symbian, regardless of how good they look. I believe the SE P800 and P900 run some version of Symbian as well. Not quite sure though.

Anyways, features/functionality over looks for me.
/me loves his Nokia 3650 :)

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