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nice new tweak!!!

Perris Calderon

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good tweak at the end of the story;

what most people don't realize is the usefullness of the links folder...since most people hide it

I'm sure if most people gave it a fair shake, the majority of people would use it and love it

for instance, when you have the links folder on your toolbar, it's like having a separate button for all of your most accesed links right up there with the rest of your tools...this will take ther place of programs like "add a button" and things like that

so the links folder is a very nice convienance if you start to use it

imagine this;

if the links folder didn't exist by default, and someone came up with it as a tweak, we would most of us be using it as a tweak instead of deleting it as an annoyance!!!

and for that, I laugh out loud

so now the tweak

I came up with a new idea while discribing the usefulness of the links folder on another forum involving the links folder, and this is very very nice

I put the path to my most used folder in the links bar, and now I don't have to go to the desktop to get what I want, I just go to the links switch.

for instance, if you want the desktop up on the toolbar, you can put it in the links folder with this path;

C:\Documents and Settings\PUT YOUR COMPUTER NAME HERE\Desktop

gonna use this alot now with differant paths

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
A good idea for those ofr you that haven't used the links folder yet

if you have a few web based email accounts, put all of thes at the top of your folders list, and now you can go straight to email from the toolbar
Thats why I like to use Fastbrowser most of the time because it adds seperate links in on the opposite end of my toolbar. I keep my toolbar at the top so when I browse with FB it puts seperate links at the bottom so I can go back and forth between forums, google etc,. without having to search each time. You can keep 7 or 8 seperate links open at once.

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