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nice invisible forumsignature


wn van deursen

Not the first time that I make a mess of it...
I copied my signature into the user cp but this tiny banner to promote the Red Cross organisation wasn't the idea I had in mind...It isn't marked as an "Img" either. What did I do wrong?
It currently appears as:
http://C:\Documents and Settings\WN\Mijn documenten\Mijn afbeeldingen\running.gif

Upload your sig to a web server, and then do what b-man said. ;)

wn van deursen

re signature

'Fraid you've lost me here. I'll give it another try in 2004, after my graduation in pc basics. Thnxs anyway

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Go here & create an account. When that is done you should be able to see how to upload things (pics) to the internet. Linking a picture from your hard drive won't work so now link it from where it is uploaded too. Have a play with it. I'm sure you'll figure it out. :)

wn van deursen

re forumsignatures

The Paulsonator is diff to reach and does not let me reg, the other one I'll give a try later on., it's obvious I have to really sit down for this. But look, I've got my little wisecracks, pretty pictures ain't that important. Thnx for the help

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