NIC is lying to me....



Installed XP Pro fresh less than a week ago, all hardware installed fine (I almost collapsed from shock!). I have a Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO, less than a year old, and a 3Com 3C905B-TX network card........

For a start 3D games and DVD playback is jerky using the native XP driver and when i downloaded the new one from ATI it decided the card was a Radeon 7200, and the graphics got worse.

The network card was fine, I used it to transfer files from my flatmates ME machine, but yesterday the icon in the taskbar gained a red cross, and says the cable is unplugged. This is not the case - nothing has changed since using the connection previously. Nothing I do will make it access the other PC now (2 PC network using crossover cable), even uninstaling/reinstalling the NIC, and rebooting several times.

Any ideas?!?!?


2 Dec 2001
You might try putting the NIC in another expansion slot. If that doesn't work, try restoring your system back to before you installed the new Radeon drivers and see if your NIC works for you again... if it does, go in and write down all the settings for it so you have a reference the next time you install the ATI drivers.


OSI Layer 1

Just a thought, but have you checked to be sure your cable isn't the problem? Maybe a bad RJ-45 or cable.

Just my .02 worth

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