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NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs


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Well, it begins tonight, My Red Wings are going to defend the Cup and win again this season :)
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Re: NHL 2008-2009 Season

My Rangers are off to a great start so far :)

'tis a shame about their prospect who died though :(


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My Wings Up 2-0 to the useless jackets. Looks like a back to back keeping the cup in Hockeytown.

I have to say that Boston is really good


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Pens are up against the flyers ! ;) LETS GO PENS!

It would be cool to have repeat of last years stanley cup - This time the Pens would win !


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Vancouver is manhandling St-Louis

Now own the series 3-0.

And, as usual, the sharks are choking again...............



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You know I stayed away fro this thread for pretty much the whole season, with the Ducks getting everybody and their mother injured, and than trading core components to other teams.

In the end I realized that management made shrewd decisions, knowing they couldn't keep those guys with the salary cap they traded them for younger guys who could be signed for a longer period. This is ultimately paying off especially the last 20 games of the season, the Ducks have just been steamrolling people. As for the Sharks, wow, where is Joe? or Cheechoo, nobody is doing anything. it looks like the Sharks are playing defensively waiting for the Ducks to make mistakes, they are, it's just that the Sharks cannot get anything past Hiller.

They are getting outcoached. Easily. They gotta play to win, in the playoffs, not just be solid and wait for things to happen.

That being said Go Ducks!!!


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Go BlackHawks!

*wow - you don't know how weird it is to say that after all these years..*


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I have to admit the Hawks deserve where they are at. Original 6 is where its at.

My pick for the cup

Detroit vs Boston.

7 games Wings win...............


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aaaabbbbbbbbeeeeeeeee dooooooooobeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL!

good luck with thaT!

FLYERS had a chance. but could not pull it off.

Anyway. The Wings put on a clinic tonight,

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