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NHL 2005-2006 Playoffs


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They're finally here! Here are the first round match ups:


Detroit vs. Edmonton
San Jose vs. Nashville
Anaheim vs. Calgary
Colorado vs. Dallas


Tampa Bay vs. Ottawa
NY Rangers vs. New Jersey
Philadelphia vs. Buffalo
Montreal vs. Carolina

I've bolded the teams I think will go on to the next round. :cool:

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I'm psyched the Rangers made it, as they have missed out the last few years.

Bummed that with their loss yesterday they lost the division, and went from a 3 to a 6 seed :(
My predictions:

Western Conference Final - Detroit vs. Calgary - if Legace holds up.
Eastern Conference Final - New Jersey vs. Ottawa - if Ottawa can hold off the Habs or Carolina in 2nd round.

I think the Habs have a chance, I'm extremely biased towards them, but I've noticed some of the Habs put their playoff skates on early this year in the mad rush to make the playoffs. Not to mention Huet finished the season with the best save percentage. ;)


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I hate to spoil your fun here guys but ...the Wings are on a mission. to win the Cup. No choking this time around..They just have too much power and skill. its Legace time to shine..

Detroit and Ottawa for the cup

Detroit in 6

And go Pistions!!...Man, 2 Teams with Championships in one year..gotta love It:)


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Mastershakes said:
Don't underestimate the Kobe factor tdinc ;)
not to start this off topic but..Kobe is a ball pig, and not a team player..the lakers are a mess the Suns will take them out...

Back to teh topic at hand..WHat a freakin game 1 :eek: The Oilers Defence looks good, Wings looks a bit sluggish..but Malts sorces the tie and the winner in the 2nd OT....Nice :) Once Datsyuk gets back in the line up everything should be back in place..


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Hey GM, You got Colorado/Dallas in the East Conference, and the TampaBay/Ottawa in the West in your Thread Starter post.

Go OILERS!!!!! Oilers in 6 over Detroit.



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I'm not gonna lie, I kind of want the Oilers to win so that we get a Flames/Oilers series :eek:

Love how cocky the Wings are...they are already sellings tickets for the second round :p


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um, no, it wouldn't.

Watch yo mouth sucka :ninja:

A disgruntled sports fan is a fan who is scorned, or something like that :p

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