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3 Mar 2004
First, is a great game Underground :)!

And last, I did finished the underground mode several times. But I forgot to save my profile on a CD. And two days ago my hard drive crashed :( !!! So I've lost all my information - including my Underground rofile.

Now I'm to lasy to do them again ... and I want to do just one and then copy it with different names and just save it like that. I did that. But ... on the profiles.usr is showing me this:

 RX7 0 3 4 0 0 3 4
nissanSENTRA 0 3 4
nissan350Z A 0 3 4
nissan240SX 0 3 4
BackUp 40SX 0 3 4
nisanSkyline 0 3 4
hyunTiburon 0 3 4
subarImpreza 0 3 4
fordFocus za 0 3 4
toyoSUPRA za 0 3 4
toyoCELICA a 0 3 4
mitLANCER a 0 3 4
mitECLIPSE a 0 3 4
dodgeNEON a 0 3 4
mazdaRX7 a 0 3 4
mazdaMIATA a 0 3 4
peugeot206 a 0 3 4
hondaS2000 a 0 3 4
hondaCIVIC a 0 3 4
vwGOLFgti a 0 3 4

I did finished the game with the RX7 profile. But every time I'm using the others profiles, my RX7 profile is going back "in time" where I've used it to create the others. And if I use the others, is always give me the car from RX7 profile. So ... from my deductions, I have to modify the profile.usr to separate the profiles. Don't know how to do that

Have anyone have a little idea? Or do you know a better way to do this without going trough the Underground mode again and again ... and again?

Hope I will receive an answer ;) !
Have a grat day!

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