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2 Jun 2002
Hello everyone,

Well since i managed to help out a few people in the previous Need For Speed thread (before everything got wiped).. i thought i would remake the thread again so people can show off their beast of a car or ask questions that are boggling their brains out to find the answer

I would like to start off by solving a problem that had stund us all in the last thread...


You heard me correctly, i finally found a patch which removes all startup movie intro's :D and it works!


Let This Thread Begin

Alex :cool:


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Hehe, the intro videos are a pain once you've watched them a million times. Nice patch :)
Here's a pic of my RSX from about a week ago. ;)
Have progressed to the Nissan Skyline since then. Will post a pic of that when I play next time.
nice choice of colours there on your RSX .. i like i like! :D

Wouldn't you just love to have one of those sitting on your drive way :p
Here's My Old Beast! Nice Civic on the go! :D

Alex :cool:


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I also made one for the ladies, I call it the babemobile :D

Alex :cool:


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hehe beat the game a while back- suggestion to you guys if you wanna avoid this- when you beat the game it'll lock up the game so you cant customize your "underground" car anymore ^_^ - you'll still have quick race options and cars like that to play with though-
So I've heard...I'm planning to leave it at the last race so I don't lose the ability to customize my Underground Mode car. :D
Accually, u cant race anymore in underground, but you can still customize your underground car. In normal menu!
hehe yeah- they'll save your car in quick race mode- but i dont like how they lock up all those options in underground after u win it =\

btw does anyone play online? how bout trying steering wheels?

so far:
the logitech one SUCKS (the nomal black/blue one)
the MOMO one is awesome

havnt tried the microsoft one though
yeah I'm addicted to this a pimped out miata that I use. Don't really care for the MP game though.
I have tryed almost all the wheels out there, I'm now buying the ferririe stirring wheel one, Sorry i forgot how to spell it! Its soppose to be the best one out there. But it costs alot!
I used to play this game all the time too but once i beat it- it lost a lot of flavor =x

just finished XIII too- fun game. Now I'm playing Chaos Legion
What do u mean u use to play it, it pretty much just came out kinda.?
Under the quickrace mode, cars can be easily customized there using all the upgrades that you have retreaved during your game play on Undeground mode so you can simply re-design your underground car if you cant retreave it and use it online :D.. thats what ive done for my cars i have posted on here (they have all been designed on Quickrace mode)

Alex :cool:
If you would like to back up your save games for the game onto a floopy (so that they dont get removed), they can be found in this location:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NFS Underground

Alex :cool:

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