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NFS underground gamepad problem



i have NFS Underground, and a vivanco Dual Shock Playstation2 Clone USB gamepad..

never had any problem with it and other games in the last 2 years..

but when i startup NFS its scrolling through all the menu options, and the pad is configured/centred and works perfect in all other games..

i read the readme.txt in the nfs dir and it says

"NFS is compatible with all joysticks/gamepads that are compatible with windows" and it says about the problem of the menu scrolling..

so i unplugged the joypad and am forced too using keys....

also tried the update for NFS and its still the same, anyone know of any other fixes for this apart from buyinga new pad especially for nfs?


OS - winxp


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It's ok. I think I found the problem. I unintalled the new version of zone alarm yesterday and It seemed to happen after that. I uninstalled it an hour ago and put in sygate and the game seems to be running fine again.


i have no antivirus/firewall running on that machine... only the game

Not playing online just single player


Actually, I am having a problem with my Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power 2 Gamepad. The same thing, no problem with any other game, but in NFS:UG. What would happen is it would work fine for a few races and then either lock in one direction, or cut out completely. Of course EA was no help, I ended up buying a Gravis Eliminator with Dual Analog like the Thrustmaster, and I haven't had a problem since. I still prefer my Thrustmaster though, and I hope someone come up with a fix!


well i dont care anymore... uninstalling it.. what a crap online inteface, and all that sign up bull****.. single players pretty fun, but not on keyboard.. EA did a bad job of this game.... could of been so much better:mad:

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