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NFS Most Wanted Problem


OSNN Veteran Original
I just installed NFS Most Wanted, and it runs no problem, amazing graphics and gameplay and all.

If I quit, and want to go do something else, my desktop is screwed up.

The clock area, is a black square, icons are gone and nothing is clickable..I have to click to reset button on my case..

Other games work....whats wrong, how do I fix this?


OSNN Veteran Original
alright, well this time I tryed playing the game with everything closed down on the desktop, which is normally Firefox and Msn.....and i got out of it ok, i never had a problem (with a much older and crappier system) before.

Are those causing this, or what else could make it do it.


OSNN Veteran Original
no I'm not, im going to let msn run, see if it does it, if not, let firefox run, see if it does it, cause i let uTorrent run while gaming and it was fine..

I'll get back to yea in a sec.

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