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nforce audio and delta 66


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until just a few hours ago and after a horrible attempt at an update using windows update, my nforce 4 audio was working great with my delta 66 pci card. now xp won't recognize my nforce audio at all. i tried reinstalling the nforce drivers and no change. any thoughts?

also, i have 2 unknown devices in my device manager. they have been there ever since the installation of the 66. i tried using the disc that came with it but they were still unkown. everything was working fine but it was bothering me just the same. is there any way to find out what they are?

Go for the easy fix first - roll back to before the bad XP update.

If that doesn't work - Uninstall the 2 devices in device manager and then reboot. They may be recognized a second time.

If not most likely some hardware feature has not been installed from an installation CD. Many times the instructions say to load the install program from CD before installing hardware. If you do it in the reverse order the device never gets ID'd.

WOW, a 1999 sound card and it works with XP and the NF4 onboard sounds? A miracle that setup worked at all. Best guess to restore -
1) Uninstall the NF4 and Delta audio, shutdown and remove the card.
2) Reboot and Reinstall the NF4 sound
3) Find any XP drivers for the Delta if they exist and reinstall the Dleta following the instructions for what to do first.


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what i don't get is that it's not even listed in the options for sound. it is in the device manager but that is the only place i can find it.

when i was using windowsupdate to update the nforce audio drivers i got a blue screen and a restart and ever since then it won't work. i rolled back the update, and removed the drivers and installed the ones from nvidia's site. could the update have actually fried that part of my motherboard? is that possible?

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