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NFL to stream live games over the Internet


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If you have some spare change and love football here ya go :)

NFL and DIRECTV will be streaming every game in the Sunday Ticket package, along with the stats-heavy Red Zone Channel. There are a couple of caveats, of course. SuperFan costs $99 on top of the $269 price tag for Sunday Ticket. And if you're a Mac or Linux user, take note: streaming requires Windows XP or Vista along with Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

I only have this to say, SLINGBOX ftw!1:laugh:


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Bastards!!! it is a good thing I live on the West Coast and I live in LA, we get 5 games on Sunday, and then with ESPN at 4:00 I am not missing much.


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No DirecTV for me, thats why I bought a Sirius. And I loves me some Sirius. Still, great idea, I'd gladly pay $100 to watch all the Bears games, where I'm at its all Vikings all the time.


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Sometimes I feel bad for those that have a football team...thankfully we don't, irregardless of what Mr. Davis says

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