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Nexus Breeze case....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Any other owners out there?

I'm interested in how you find the case - esp. in two aspects:-

How quiet is your system running? Of course that depends if you were building for that or just selected the case to dampen things down.

Did you manage to get the 400W Nexus PSU model (which is about €20 more I think)? Or maybe did you swap out the Nexus PSU?

I am reasonably happy with mine but have a few niggles.... seems like the fan placement is always goingto be a pig for assembly (you have to remove fan to get the fiddly headers on and then it nearly fouls them when you put it back)..... either they wired my reset and power buttons back to front or I messed up on those headers (not going in there again, just have to live with it now)......

Other "features" of the case I like - it exhausts cool and has a good heavy durable build quality and lovely matt black frontage.... plus for some reason I like the amber leds.

On balance I might have chosen a different case and added my own damping foam to achieve a quiet build I have to admit though.

Did you ever go for this one Lord? Any others?

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