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Ive been wanting to get a Bluetooth wireless desktop for some time now, but i dont want to get the Logitech ones because i dont like the idea of recharging the mouse every night, as those kinds of batteries usually only last around 50 recharges (50 days), but anyway

The current Bluetooth one has been out for ages and is really buggy, surely the next ones gotta be out soon? Anyone heard any rumours or anything?


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Why not just get a normal wireless ones?
They both do exactly the same thing, except bluetooth costs you an arm and a leg.
actually the MX700 is a great mouse, and they last more than 50 days, I have a buddy that has had his for more than a year and it still works like the day he bought it.
Goatman said:
actually the MX700 is a great mouse, and they last more than 50 days, I have a buddy that has had his for more than a year and it still works like the day he bought it.
Nah of course the mouse will last a long time, but youll have to replace the rechargable batteries eventually (50 recharges or so because theyll start leaking acid).

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Champ2005 your claim is foolish at best. I have had my mouse since it just about came out (mx700) and it has probably been off and on charge about 500 times at least! Every time I leave to go to a lecture or go out it sits in its dock and recharges. It uses Nickel Metal Hydride batteries; these are sophisticated cells that are virtually memory free so small charges i.e. off and on will not determent the life of the batteries, plus there is a control system to eliminate overcharging. Your claims of battery acid are probably based from old-fashioned cell technology such as lead acid batteries which because they are a wet cell can leak. In my opinion do not pass up on this excellent mouse but if you really want to buy batteries for some strange reason you can use them and not use the recharging facility.
Hmm, maybe your right. The last rechargable i bought were a really good brand/capacity around 3 years ago, didnt expect technology to change that much. So now they probably are the same as in mobile phones etc then. Ill look into it then

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you will be please this is my 4th optical mouse and definatley the best one i have ever had i had the wireless microsoft one before and it was really inaccurate, my house mate has the one with the tilt wheel but personally i hate the feel of the wheel and the mouse still seems sluggish but happy hunting :)


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am currently using a wired/non-optical mouse... :D

its the best mouse I have ever used too...

razor boomslang 2100... EXCELLENT baby... :D

if you are going wireless and money is no object.. consider the latest logitech bluetooth solution... I think its called the Muvo... lovely looks and excellent functionality plus an 8 device bluetooth hub...


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champ2005 btw theres the mx900 dou thats bluetooth and its logitech, btw many people prefer logitech over microsoft desktops anyday. and yes ive seen the mx700 charged many times and it never screws up. btw logitech is much sexier!

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