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Next Gen Consoles, what we know so far...


I may actually be insane.
Ok, this thread will be used to simply hold information regarding the upcoming consoles, as more information is released, it will be added to the lists. Please note that I've only quickly gathered this information from the various threads we already have featuring these consoles. If there is more information released which isn't featured here, or something is incorrect, then PM myself, or another member of staff and I/they shall be able to alter the post.

Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

CPU: Triple Core 3.2GHz IBM PowerPC Processor, 1MB L2
Ram: 512MB GDDR3 @ 700Mhz
HDD: 20GB, Detachable
GFX: Custom ATI, 500Mhz, 10MB Ram
Video: Supports up to 1080i
Media: Blu-Ray, DVD±RW, CD-R/RW
Saving: Hard Disk
Audio: Multichannel, 48KHz, 16Bit
Controllers: 4, Wireless
Expansion: Three USB2.0 Ports
Connectivity: ?
Backwards Compatible: Yes!
Other: Replaceable Fascia

Playstation 3 (Sony)

CPU: 3.2GHz "Cell" Processor
Ram: 256MB GDDR @ 700Mhz
HDD: unconfirmed
GFX: nVidia RSX (Reality Synthesizer)
Video: Supports up to 1080p
Media: Blu-Ray, DVD±RW, CD-R/RW
Saving: Memory Stick Duo, SD, CF
Audio: unconfirmed
Controllers: 7, Wireless
Expansion: Six USB Ports
Connectivity: ?
Backwards Compatible: Yes, PS1 + PS2
Other: Bluetooth

Revolution (Nintendo)

CPU: Made by IBM, yet to be announced.
Ram: ?
HDD: ?
GFX: Made by ATi, yet to be announced.
Video: ?
Media: 12cm Discs, and 8cm GC Discs
Saving: SD Card Slot
Audio: ?
Controllers: Wireless
Expansion: Two USB2.0 Ports
Connectivity: WiFi Ready
Backwards Compatible: Yes, See below
Other: The revolution is said to be backwards compatible with "any" Nintendo game.
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