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Next career step


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Not sure where this thread goes.

Anyway. Last summer I got my A+. I still feel its worthless and I will probably never use anything covered in the exam but it did help me get my job. I like my job and all but I can't go up. Literally. I work for an Indian casino and the tribal policy limits how far a white guy can go. It doesn't bother me since I have no desire to live around here my whole life. That being said I don't think I'll find any new or better pay jobs until I get some more training.

I was looking into MCSE prior to starting my job but with all the new things I've learned and how much it interests me now I'm leaning towards CCNA. Since I live in Mayberry I'll have to buy the books and study my tail off for a while before I do anything. My question is ... Is it even possible to study and pass either of these or is a class setting recommended? Assuming I can buy the books and study does anyone know how long it would take? By that I mean I don't want to shell about a bunch of cash and then find out the exams are all changing and what I've learned is useless. I figure it'll take me several months to study everything so I need to make sure I have enough time to accomplish it. Finally does anyone know how much the exams cost? I'd be going the multiple exam path rather than the single all encompassing path if that makes a difference.

Many thanks.


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Isn't the racism ?? Or discrimination ?? I would sue for that .. My brother got his CCNA cert, his work gave him a $50,000.00 a year raise for it ..


Stranger Than Fiction
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Could be. I don't push it, Indian casino on indian land. Just the way it is. It only really applies to management, we have quite a few white guy managers (CEO, CFO, Golf Pro etc) but for the most part they all have indian understudies who will eventually take over.

For 50k it sounds like its every bit as tough as I hear.


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I'm assuming you work at Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods, and suing either will be a waste of your time. Both locations are on Indian land, and many laws of the land don't apply there.

Makes me glad I didn't take the job I was offered there myself. Was mostly because it was too far of a drive, and from what I hear you can't gamble where you work :smoker:

That being said, I'm partial to the MCSE, but that's because it's more my cup of tea.
Im sure both the MCSE and CCNA are passable without classrooms. I passed my CCNA without a class. And im sure there is an MCSE out there who passed without a class. Just study study study. And good luck. And i like Mohegans, I won 1000$ last time i went there :)


Stranger Than Fiction
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Also should add that I have those books - I believe there is a insert within the box which gives you 15% off each exam the first time you take it. At $125 a pop, that's a nice savings :)
Mine will be here Tuesday. I'm excited to see just how far I got in over my head!


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Well, the sad part is that certifications really don't mean as much as they used to or should. If you are looking to change jobs, it may get your foot in the door. But if you don't know your stuff it will quickly be discovered.

That being said, most places don't care too much what you do for certs while you are there, because they would rather you focus on your particular career path.

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