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news server?


High On Life!
ok well i want a news server! so how can i make a news server on my pc? and if i can how do i select which groups i want in my server?


so erm...

you want to HOST a news server on your pc???


you want to ACCESS a news server hosted elsewhere on your pc???


if you want to host it, i cant help you :( sorry

if you want to access one, what ISP do you use? and do they have a page on their website which has a news server address for you?


High On Life!

yeah i wanna host one cuz my isp doesnt have one i already called the guy. they said they need a father server. or seomthing like thatl. anyways i wanna be my own one cuz i want access to news groups. and my relatives isps wont let me access their news server when he made me a user name and password:p .


I may actually be insane.
Most linux distributions come with the option to install an NNTP server, but i cant say i've heard of a Windows NNTPd

Perhaps if you know someone who uses linux they can host a passworded NNTP for you?


High On Life!
well i just called him about my payment and i asked him agian and he said that there was one but everyone is flooding it downloading to much from it and hell give me the info on it when he gets back to the office! but the sucky thign is that hes ganna make it work at specific times only due to the flooding or completly disable it! and this happens right when i figure that we have one!:mad:

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