Neworking issue between WinXP and Win98




I configured network between My desktop (WinXP - Ethernet Boar) and my Laptop (Win98 - PCMCIA Ethernet 10Base T card)
My XP Destop is connected to Interent ( ADSL modem)

Everthing are OK except one thing

- From XP Desktop and can access all the files from W98 Desktop
- From Win98, I can browse on INTERNET via ADSL connection from XP Desktop

Not OK:
from Win98, I am not allowed to access XP files (I "saw" XP computer name in my Laptop but when clicking on it , I got extended error N° 53)
On Win XP, I use simple file sharing (ie share to all)

Thanks for some suggestions..

Some more precisions:

all my LAN IP adresses are defined value (ie not DHCP)


Thanks for your quick reply
It's correct that the issue was related in the very firdt post at the top..
Perharps, My issue is a little bit specific:
As I am the only one to use my XP box, I log in with Administrator Rights and don't create any user account (no need).
So I don't enter any psw or user name when logging on XP Box.
In Win98, I log my name but no psw (blank)

- Rights to share are correctly configured (i think) in both Win98 and XP boxes ( ie all the rights for everyone in the group)
- The group name is correct ( I saw the box other from each box)

So, according to your answer, I understand I have to:
1- create an user account on XP Box
2- name and Pws on XP Box = the same as in Win98 box

It's that the correct understanding ?


I would think that since the internet connection works fine the network is there and working. Sounds like a simple overlook to me. XP is formatted in NTFS, 98 is FAT32. NTFS can see fat just fine, BUT, FAT CANNOT see NTFS. This is normal.


Actually, the OS handles all the file system translation for the network request so the difference between the two would be irrelevent :). However, if the partition on the XP box is indeed formatted in NTFS then it could have a permissions lockout for network access from the Win98 box. Remember, when dealing with NTFS partitions on a networked system, you have 2 sets of permissions to work with:

1. The share permissions (which are weak at best and easily circumvented), and

2. NTFS permissions (which are much better and stronger, while allowing for more flexibility with access).

You apply "share" permissions when you select the "sharing" tab, while NTFS permissions are applied using the security tab. Also, when there are two sets of permissions applied (one set to the share, and one set to NTFS for a give file/directory) the most SECURE set will be the determining factor in access. So, let's say you wanted "everyone" to have access to the share, so you set the share to everyone and went about your business. However, the NTFS permissions on that directory were set to "authenticated users" or "administrator" or something OTHER than "everyone". Well, if you weren't on the NTFS list, then you aren't invited to the party, bud. :)


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