newly installed modem causes XP to crash


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12 Jan 2002
My B-in-Law just called me. He installed a new motorola V9-56k faxmodem and when he tries to use it it causes xp to crash.
I have not seen it myself so at present that is all of the info I have.
I had him move the modem into different pci slots and re-load the drivers but he said it still crashes when he tries to use the modem.

I know that is not much info, but for now it is all he could give me.

Any suggestions as to possible ways to trouble-shoot this ??

Has he tried to use generic drivers from winXP to load the modem instead of using the drivers that come with the modem? alot of times this will work as I had to do with with a few AMR modems I had where the drivers would cause XP to crash so I just fooled around trying different generic XP drivers and walla! it worked heehh
will do.

He is going to come over later and I will try to sort out the mess.

thanks for the support. I'll give that a try.

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