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Newcastle V Winchester AMD 64?


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if you see this post you may notice I am proposing to go with an AMD64 3500 Newcastle. On another forum I have had feedback that I might want to consider the Winchester as opposed to the Newcastle processor.

The stated reason was power consumption in a "cool and quiet" context. I am aware the Newcastle is more old fashioned, being the 130 Micron rather than the newer 90 Nm stuff.

The thing is I had to struggle with availability just on this processor when looking for my order placement. Has anyone here got one of the Winchesters? Anyone here have an opinion, or know what the pricing differential might be? I am sort of looking to make a bit of a "bargain" on the processor so that I can afford the rest of the rig! So I could never afford the FX models on my budget (and probably should not need them). After all I guess one day they will be cheaper and since I have the 939 socket I could pop one in if they drop enough ;)

So any opinions welcome - I'll probably get itchy fingers and buy the Newcastle tomorrow - but I'll still be interested either way.l
Ok, here's some good info.

Go with the Winchester build. I'd suggest a 3200+ 939 90nm Winchester processor. Just because they overclock beautifully (Beating the 3500 at = speeds), and they are less expensive, and newer technology.


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Are all 939s Winchester?

me looking at 3500+ (939), not sure if there's a 90nm model.
also, can't decide whether to get Gigabyte K8NSNXP or something else to go with it.


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always always always go 90nm with the amd 64s, I don't have the link anymore but at madshimps.be I think there was an article about how the 3200+ 90nm can outperform the 3500+ 130nm easily
Not all 939's are Winchesters. The 3500 3700 and 3800 are all 939 and they are Newcastle.
The 939 3000, 3200 and 3400 are all Winchester core.


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good info Sheps - will help me look further and I'll post here again when I find what I can find in UK (BTW this also means I have to rethink my mobo and probably get an Abit, since it is far superior to the ASUS for overclocking - unless I wait for Rev.2 ASUS with the PCI lock (hopefully?) available there, HMMmmmm shame since I like the ASUS bundled goodies)


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ShepsCrook said:
Not all 939's are Winchesters. The 3500 3700 and 3800 are all 939 and they are Newcastle.
The 939 3000, 3200 and 3400 are all Winchester core.
Which of the two are 90nm?

EDIT: My bad... keep forgetting what i've read earlier.. hehe :eek:


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much googling and search = zero availability! Got an email in with overclockers.co.uk asking when I might get if I pre-order :(

Looking as though I have to decide how much I want to make this order now and when I can make it if I am going to stick with the Winchester, which I would like to do if I can....

Anyone else here running with the 3400? This is my CPU of choice at the moment....
Well, here's what I like for the 939 cores.

The MSI K8N Neo 2 Plat.
It's great for overclocking and is very stable. But be sure that if you get one of the 90nm chips, that you ask the company you buy the mobo from, to update your bios to be able to recognize the 90nm chips. That's been a recent problem. Some boards are already ok with that but some aren't. If you get a board that hasn't been updated, you will have to borrow or get a 130nm 939 to put in the board to update the bios. OR there are some tricks that allow you to get into the bios if you have one chip of ram in the mobo. Something like that.


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ShepsCrook said:
Yes, there will be the release of the new 3500 90nm core by the end of this month apparently.

So the ideal combination is likely to be the above with an Abit AV8 board, which is supposed to overclock to 3800 equivalent according to tech specs
It's possible to overclock to that. But I prefer the MSI over the A8V board.
I'm waiting for DFI to release their LanParty board for the socket 939 chips


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I agree with Sheps - infact I have an order in with overclockers.co.uk for the MSI Neo Platinum board with an AMD64 3500 Winchester!

Wanted to let anyone else in the UK interested in a Winchester AMD64 know that overclockers.co.uk have stocks, or at least do at the moment, although they say they are selling fast!


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yeah thanks - I'll be sure to post how it turns out.... Not sure I'll be overclocking at all to start with (my budget could only afford Crucial 1GB (2x512MB) DDR PC3200 Ballistix Dual Channel Kit) and whilst that is no slouch I am not sure it is good enough for overclocking.

I got the Nexus Breeze case yesterday, nothing like having the case to make you want to get building ;)

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