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ok i'm gonna be installing redhat, wht do i need to know?

What do i need to play mp3, view images, play video,etc. For IM i read that i need to download something call Kopete, is that right?

I'm gonna be installing redhat into a compaq 5440 that has a 23gb maxtor drive(5400), processor AMD 450mhz, 384RAM pc100, Nvidia TNT2 M64 PCI video card.........what else?? Currently i have in this pc winxp pro installed can i make a dual boot?? or is better to run redhat alone?? Can i network redhat with my other pc that has XP pro also? I have dsl how do i set up internet with redhat?

My config for internet is like this:

Internet---DSL modem----Hub form tthe hub it goes one cable for 1 pc and another one to the compaq, can i do that also with redhat??? thanks in advanced


sorry for my english
Ok, here goes:

mp3: XMMS
Image editing: GIMP
IM: Everybuddy

Yes, you can network Redhat with Windows PCs using SAMBA.

Whether you dual boot or not just depends on personal preference. If you have another box already running XP, having this one run only Redhat would be a better option IMO.

If your computers are automatically assigned IP addresses by the hub/router's DHCP server, you won't need to setup anything in Linux. Just install it, and you should be able to surf the internet :)


thanks guys!!!

my ips are not automatically assigned by the hub/router's DHCP server, i input them manually


ok kool

by the way can be possible to install redhat in a pentiumII-200mhz with 32 or 64 of RAM????


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I have redhat running on a 133MHz with 32mb memory
Although i'm not actually running Xfree86 on that box, so im not 100% sure if it's be possible to do so or not.


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are there anyplaces to get drivers for network cards? i need drivers for the d-link dwl-520+. i heard that dlink wont get drivers for linux for that card until december. i was just looking for something 3rd party so i can use the internet on my linux machine. thanks.



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Xfree86 is the backend gui, its the basis that desktops such as KDE and Gnome run on (these are probably what you see when you use Linux most of the time).
Without Xfree86 installed or in-use you just have the command line interface. Obviously using X uses more resources than just the command line as it has to display a GUI etc.


ok i see, will like to know if i can run it on a pII-200mhz cause my sister in law has one pc and she is using w98 and the damn puter frezz like hell etc and will like to reforfat and use something new and better


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Red Hat Linux 8.0 Technical Details
Minimum and Recommended Hardware Requirements:
Minimum: Pentium-class
Recommended: 200 Megahertz Pentium-class or better

Hard Disk Space*:
Minimum: 650MB
Recommended: 2.5GB
Full Installation: 4.5GB

*Additional space will be required for file storage.

Minimum for text-mode: 64MB
Minimum for graphical: 128MB
Recommended for graphical: 192MB
apparently not, i wouldn't have thought you'd need 128mb to run X, but thats straight from the horses mouth ( you can always try using an older version of RedHat


ok guys one more thing:

I got this HD that i can put in my machine so i can install redhat alone. My question is:

where i have to put the drive? IDE 0 or IDE 1??

Currently i have on IDE 0 a maxtor 23gb set as master and in IDE 1 i have the cdrom. Do i have to put it as slave of the maxtor or i need it to take out the cd rom and put the de hd in the cdrom channel?

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