Newbie Questions Needed! :)

You can put faster ram into a machine and it will just run below it's potential, you can't however put slower ram, unless you under-run all other dimm's of course.
I'm not entirely sure if I'll use my credit for it anyway - I might just pick up a few bits and bobs I need, and get the RAM for somewhere reputable after Christmas.
You can use chmod to deny access to folders and files, and I think that TinkerTool will allow the hiding of files, or at least showing of hidden system files. Can't say that it's something I've looked into before though :/
Nice thread. I've been scared of macs for a while. :p I don't like change!

Anyway, is it possible to install OSX on a Windows machine via dual booting? Or would I have to buy a Mac and install something like Virtual PC on it?

Mac OS X is designed to run on PowerPC processors, which utilise a different architechture to standard x86 chips (ie: Intel, AMD and others) therefore it's impossible to install Mac OS X on a standard "Windows" PC.

There is software called PearPC which emulated PowerPC on Intel and AMD chips, however due to the differences (pipeline stages etc) the emulation is *very* slow. You can use this to install Mac OS X under windows, under the application, however it runs at speeds which simply aren't usable for day-to-day work, you also require a copy of OS X which you need to purchase seperately, personally I wouldn't say it worth purchasing for use on PearPC, but many have.

In reality, and in short: You need a Mac to run OS X.
Do you think that running PearPC, even at slow speeds, would be useful for learning how to use OSX? Or are the speeds even too terrible for that?
Err, put it this way, it takes about 3 hours to install OS X with PearPC (this takes about 15 minutes on a Mac), and it's probably the equivalent of running Windows XP on a 386 once it's actually running.
Ouch. Okay. Well...I might just have to find a cheap iMac somewhere then. *L* Thanks Speedy!
Andy said:
How do you hide files or folders?

rename the file or folder to .filename or .folder:

in terminal it is easiest:

cd /User/username/
mv Folder .Folder

and now Finder won't display it. Do note, that you will be unable to see it in any way or shape in finder, as it automatically hides such files.

in that case, open terminal, cd to the right directory, and type "ls -al" and look for it :p.
Heres another possibly idiotic question. I know I get security updates, but when Tiger is released, do I need to buy it, or will I get it as som form of upgrade since I own a mac?
I think it will be a purchase thing. As far as I can remember my friend who has been a mac user longer than I had to purchase 10.3, but once you have the main part the subversions 10.3.7 and so on come down through the software update mechanism

I think thats right anyways. I am new to this whole mac thing, I just got my iBook about a week ago :D
Andy said:
Heres another possibly idiotic question. I know I get security updates, but when Tiger is released, do I need to buy it, or will I get it as som form of upgrade since I own a mac?

Since Tiger is the next actual "O.S" being released, I'd say theres a 90% chance you'll have to buy it in the same way Mac OS 9 users had to buy OS X as the upgrade.

But from then on security updates (as well as other Apple Updates) should be available from the built in Software Update utility or downloadable from up :)

Hope this helped.
Tiger was rumoured to be a free upgrade, but in light of the features that were shown i see this being nothing more than that, a rumour. In this case you will need to buy the update via the apple store or an other stockist. :)
And i would say that in light of all the feature shown so far in the tiger developer builds, its going to be well worth the money. :)
I can't wait till i ahve the money to buy the new Mac OS X, if it is not free.

It looks like a very awesome update which contains a lot of new stuff to play with.
I'm proberbally gonna save my £££/$$$/whatevercurrencyyoumayuse and just get Tiger with my new G5 ... when I buy it... when I'm like 800 years old or something :p

Cuase then I'll use the Tiger CD for the G5, iMac G4 and iBook G3 ... and proberally install it onto my iPod too ... BECAUSE I CAN ... \0/

Tiger will not be free. Having used the current beta builds (Which apple aren't happy about.. oops) I can say it will be worth the upgrade. I guess for the newcomers to the Apple world it does seem a bit of an arse to have to upgrade too soon, but keep in mind:

1. you don't HAVE to upgrade, many users are still sat on 10.2.x
2. many of us have been sat on 10.3 for a long time now.
3. you won't have to buy another o/s update in quite a while.

Any idea, then, of the probable cost? I'm sure they havent said officially, but a guess might be nice.

Thanks guys!
Well for OS 10.3 I paid £99 for the Single license, and the family (aka 5 license) is £159, which I'll need to buy this time round.

Put into perspective against Windows XP Pro, it's not a bad price at all (costs are obviously made up on hardware though ;))

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