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Newbie Overclocking

Heya - Once again, like the bad penny i am, I've come back to haunt you all again with more naggin' questions (but you wouldn't believe how much i've learnt in the last month+ , cheers everyone :))

Anyways! I'm upgrading whenever i can afford and i've decided to see what this current system of mine can do. Specs are as sig says. The highest FSB I can use seems to be 140 (150 it stalls start up, anything above that, the graphics don't even kick in) , don't know anything about OCing but.. 133 to 140 doesn't seem that impressive, gives me my first 5% oc though :)

What's the safest/best way to improve the clock speed? I'm not willing to mess with the voltages or CPU multiplier till i know a little more, or someone can tell me how i should increase these



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Start by removing each stick of RAM and clocking it up.

In all honesty the extra 256 is never going to be used unless you are a video man. Try removing that first and see what you get.

Second, what temps are you hitting under load?
Yeah, In all honesty the only reason the extra 256 is in there is because, a) I had an extra slot and b) I had no where to store it without losing it :) but I will try that. I've got major heat issues i think, For as long as i've remember i get almost 60deg c before anything strenuous, but doesn't go anywhere higher than 64, I know the CPU fan is doing it's job. I'm thinking it's the silver compound (if it had any to begin with) it's something i've got to check tomorrow night


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I have a gig and the only time I use the full amount is when compressing or decompressing video, pics, or music.

60C idle is too hot. Did you use the stock cooling? AC5? Speeze has a decent blue lighting HS/F on newegg for less than $20.


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i would like to overclock too. I just never really had the urge to do it untill the past couple weeks. I know i will have to be getting a better fan and some compound to keep it kew cause i think it runs between 40 and 50c but not to sure at the moment.

I have an Amd 2400, 512 mb of ram, and a Gigabyte GA-7DX+. Should i pretty much do what u told moon?


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Download teh free version of burn in test and performance test form here http://www.passmark.com/download/index.htm and start at 2% or so and go up no more than 10%.

I have never had a problem @ 10% but above that you can stress a CPU and your northbridge chip.

OC it and run burn in test then PT and save teh files for comparison. You might be suprised that teh optimal configuration is not as high as you think. Mine occured at a mere 6% OC on the FSB. I tried OC'ing teh AGP and or memory but the biggest boost was teh FSB.

If your BIOS has teh option for thermal throttling and or shutdown I would set it for shutdown @ no more than 70C.


The Analog Kid

Drop the extra 256, get a good grip on cooling. When that is done, try bumping up the FSB again, if you're having problems like you were before, you may wanna try bumping up the core voltage.


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dreamliner77 said:

Drop the extra 256, get a good grip on cooling. When that is done, try bumping up the FSB again, if you're having problems like you were before, you may wanna try bumping up the core voltage.


The extra core voltage will make it run cooler as teh volts carry but the watts do the work. The higher the voltage the lower the temp, to a point. You must remember that the transistors are measured in nanometers and only have a few nanometers of insulator between them. When you raise the core voltage you raise the chance of transfer, and that can destroy a core. But it allows more work to be done with less heat being made. This is why .2 of a volt can be a huge amount. ;)
I've got a decent sized Akasa CPU fan, don't know what model number or anything, it should keep it cooler than 50-60 degs, I'll have to check if it's the silver compound. The 256 stick is out, and i'll try again once i'm sure about the temps.

Would you advice using the jumpers or use the jumperfree option? The only thing that puts me off jumperfree is if it isn't stable, I won't be getting back into BIOS
I'm current running at 1.65volts, I can change this up in .05 increments to 1.85, is it worth me raising it at all?

Now I apologise for being someone here who's probably gonna sound stupid asking, but will anyways - Will increasing the core voltage make me able to raise fsb slighter higher stabily?

American Zombie

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I am gonna say that anytime you increase Vcore you are going to increase not decrease temperatures of the CPU.

All the current AMD XP CPU's other then mobiles are locked and even bridge mods will not work on them. I have heard some have had success with pin mods but I have not tried it.
Anyways, locked means you can not change the multiplier and if FSB is not within AMD's specs the PC will not boot so then you have to clear CMOS.

Unless you have a real old model of AMD XP CPU you will need a mobile CPU to overclock.

Third, here is a real good forum for finding stuff about overclocking so read through it.

I could tell you how to overclock but I would much rather let you do it on your own as if you mess up and destroy CPU and/or motherboard you are not angry with anyone but yourself.


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I have never tried just increasing the voltage to the CPU w/o OC'ing it so I am not in a posision to say what it would do to the temp.

Ho obviously CAN increase the FSB and therefore get a higher freq. on the CPU. Have you tried what I posted above yet?
Realistically it's all a nice idea but my CPU temps are a bit high for me to start pratting about i think. After a while of the 5% clock the pc restart (temp limiter on mobo). I mean - I actually went in and took the cpu fan off, and i knew once i did i'd need silver compound to put it back on without nicely melting it while running it again.

Took it off to find that the stuff was completely dry, hardly touching and actually had an imprinted shape (not sitting properly on the core). I've flattened down the raised bit and resat the heatsink and fan. Getting much the same temps, slowly raises up and rests at 56degs doing nothing. (nothing = a few office apps, net, music - msn and the usual apps. nothing too stenuous.)

Any advice, or is cleaning and refitting the fan with new thermal compound the only way to go?
Yeah i've read that, and i'm aware i should have cleaned and replaced correctly with the right thermal compound but the stuff on there's nackered anyway; It's actually made no difference to temps. I've tried putting the pc under load and it's not getting any unusual temps (for me anyway).
Was a nice learning experience, never taken _everything_ to parts before, just extra reassurance i'll be able to build my new pc in jan.

I know it's sounds moany saying it's not worth me buying any new thermal compound (it only being cheap) but i'm 30 miles from anywhere that would possibly sell it, and i'm too lazy to order some to get here in a week or so when i should afford my upgrade in a month or so time.

I'll be back in a while asking how to OC my newun a little, When i've got decent temps heh

(Sorry for the waste of time)

Cheers to everyone though :)
no upping the vcore will not decrease temp, temp depends on HSF and ambient temps.
Get a decnt aftermarket cooling solution from zalman or thermaltake, should cost about $25 and a 3.5gram tube of AS5 for $7.5.

increasing the vcore will help to get ur oc stable. but only increase it in the smallest possible inrements or you risk frying the chip.

also your PSU can also play an important factor in your oc, what PSU do you have?

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