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New Zune User


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So I got a new Zune 120GB for Xmas.

I am wondering where I can get more free games, and what cool things can I do with the Zune, either what is provided already or by hacking.

Let me know.



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Looks like M$ is trying to make the Zune look as good as the Ipod. I wonder if it will work? NOT!

I still want a zen :p


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Wow neither of those sites have anything really, small collection of games. Will try out google again.


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I remember a site that was almost dedicated to zune games but I cant remember it for the life of me. The only thing I can tell you is update your firmware, all sorts of goodies in the newest one :)

Electronic Punk

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Let me know what cool stuff you find the Zune as well as I have one also but generally haven't done anything other than listen to music on it!


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How do I wirelessly sync with my computer, I added the Zune's mac address to my router, but I cant connect to my pc?


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Zune is having many issues, does everyone have this much trouble.

Besides the whole wireless issue. I can't buy a Zune Pass, just gives me the option to redeem a code (which I don't have). Have the time my Zune Social won't load or show anything. I also tried buying an album with points and it just gives me an error saying its invalid, tried many times. Not so happy with my Zune so far lol And of course it's impossible to get help from Microsoft, or even find a Contact Us button.


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Log into the forums. They are probably the most useful forums for any of the PMP's on the market.

If I still had mine, I'd be able to help you out.

Overall, there are many things I loved about the Zune that I am annoyed are not standard features on my iPhone, but c'est la vie.


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get handbrake and start loading that thing up with videos. I practically only use it for video on my train ride to work. I love my zune...though the new cowon pmps are the bees knees.


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Found out most of my issues is because I am in Canada, the marketplace and zune pass abilites are US residents only. Pretty stupid, and pissed.


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Found out most of my issues is because I am in Canada, the marketplace and zune pass abilites are US residents only. Pretty stupid, and pissed.
Wow, that really sucks Bman! But as always the hacking community finds a way around these restrictions. This hack allows "Full Zune functionality for international Zune Users." Take a look at this topic (you have to register to see this hack though):

Be sure to post back here how this goes! :)

Edit: I'm not sure whether this is legal or not. So do this at your own risk. ;)
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Man I really want a Zune Pass, I should see if there is any family in the States, and use there Address and credit cards, and pay them. Maybe that will work. Anyone here know someone working at Microsoft, maybe find out a time frame for the Zune Pass to work in Canada...


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Take it back and get a zen lol .

That zune pass is a joke. Download unlimited songs but only be able to keep ten in your library per month ? That isn't buying the song, that is renting the song. Sheesh - Give me a Zen and EAC any day ...

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