New York Residents - Claim your $12 USD


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I received the paperwork for this today.

As some of you have read you can get $12.00 for Windows, 95, 98, 98SE, and ME; $5.00 for other eligible versions of Windows or MS-DOS; $5.00 for Office, Excel, or Word.

What cracks me up is that the form asks for "Product ID Number", "Product Key Number", or "CD Key Number". Who in their right mind keeps that old stuff laying around, especially Windows 95/98.


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I have some of that stuff, but I never said I was in the "right" state of mind. :p

That probably is a crafty way of MS trying to avoid paying the settlement. Wonder if they are allowed to use that clause as a way to catch people trying to use pirated software :D


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Well obviously you have to have proof of purchase. That makes sense.

What really pisses me off is the lawyers for the "Class" are being awarded $23.5 million for their time and work (plus $7500 for each participant in the Class Action). Lawyers are just one of several things wrong with this country.
I live in NY...maybe I can get in on the $12...I got $15 in that CD class action suit...anybody who bought a cd ever could get need for a receipt!

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